Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hello, Part Two

What if we could do our part in the effort to combat the growing threats to our food supply by starting a little farm? 

Reading the likes of Pollan and Kingsolver gave way to reading the likes of Elliot Coleman and Joel Salatin.  Becoming more intrigued with producing food, we started looking for a little farm. 

After 5 long years of searching, we finally found a little spread here in Enumclaw, formerly a nursery of some kind.  The infrastructure that was here already was part of the draw for us: 3 greenhouses and plenty of fruit trees and herbs.  Just add a family ready to build a small scale hobby farm, and we could be on to something.

With the possibility of raising animals, veggies and fruit, we have a huge learning curve ahead of us. The excitement of trying our hand at producing wholesome, real food, having people enjoy our bounty, and building a community based on food that is healthy and non-toxic is what drives us. 

We believe in nuturing our land--providing it much needed organic matter, rather than pumping it full of chemicals.  We believe in growing seed from small companies here in the Northwest that produce organic, non-GMO seeds and we try our best to support heirloom varities when we can.  We believe in treating our animals with respect and providing the best lives for them and in turn they reward us with the fruits of their labor.  We believe in supporting small businesses within Washington state, and whenever possible within our community.  We also believe it is important to give back to our community, especially to those who have a hard time providing any food, let alone fresh, wholesome food for their families. 

We hope you'll give us a try.  We currently sell chicken and duck eggs on site.  We are ramping up for veggie season and hopefully in a few short months will be offering things like onions, tomatoes, and peppers for sale as well.

Looking forward to meeting you and helping nourish you and your family.

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