What's Growin' Now?

All of our seeds we source from small, Washington state seed companies when we can.  We only purchase organic seeds and strive for only the heirloom (read non-GMO) varieties.

We start all of our vegetables from seed ourselves, using organic potting soil enhanced with worm casing from a worm farm in Yelm, WA.  We try to give the plants their best start at a chemical free life, watering them only with rain water.

Once they are large enough to transplant, we place them in our beds where the only chemicals that are used are a whole lot of elbow grease and love.  We weed by hand, by hoe and by fire.  Plants are fertilized with compost or fish emulsion.

From the greenhouse:
Swiss Chard, Fordhook and Rainbow Colors
Lettuce, Oakleaf, Buttercrunch
Onions, Torpedo

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