Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tomato Plant Sale. This Weekend. Be There. Please?

You know what happens to a person who can't bare to cull the promise of a warm, vine ripened tomato by snipping all the extra seedlings during thinning, don't you?  That person has a plant sale.  And you, dear readers, get well loved plants. :)  Hopefully, you'll get them in time for good summer weather, without too much fussing over them.  

We will have tomato and pepper starts for sale this weekend, May 25th through 27th.  We waited til the end of May in hopes the weather might be a bit better for your summer gardening endeavors.  

Here is a list of the varieties we will be offering.

In the Cherry Tomato Category:

Galina:  an heirloom yellow cherry tomato from Siberia with wonderful sweet-tart flavor profile. Flavor improves as cooler fall weather approaches.  Tomatoes store well off vine for a month or two.

Yellow Pear:  a classic heirloom, pear shaped cherry toms growing on vigorous vines.

Black Cherry:  an heirloom variety known for its sweet, smoky, complex flavor.  Fruits are large and reddish brown.

Velvet Red:  bares sweet red fruits on vines with these peculiar fuzzy leaves.  As much for food production as for ornamental gardeners, and an heirloom variety to boot.

Snow White:  extremely productive heirloom plant with oh-so-sweet cream-colored cherry tomatoes.

Isis Candy:  an amazingly prolific heirloom that grows stunning red tinged golden fruits.  Very sweet...perfect for getting those wee folk hooked on tomatoes. 

In the Slicing Tomato Category:

Oregon Spring:  known as the first tomato of the season, nearly seedless fruits of this plant ripen early summer.  No staking required, as these are compact bushy plants.  Determinate tomato whose production will cease around mid summer; just in time for your indeterminate varieties to start to produce.

Sheboygan:  an indeterminate heirloom paste tomato with great flavor and texture that doubles as a slicer, perfect for eating fresh or canning or freezing.

In the Bell Pepper Category:

CA Wonder 300 - classic green bell pepper variety with resistance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus.  Matures in 68 days.

Sunrise Orange - short season colored pepper that starts off yellow, turns orange, matures into a red bell pepper.  Resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus.  Matures in 60 days.

Purple Beauty - short season purple bell producer that matures into red bell pepper.  Hybird, yet open pollinated variety.

All seeds are from organic sources and so is the soil they've been raised in.  Plants will be $2 each.
I will be posting growing instructions later this week.  

Hope to see you this weekend!  Don't let that rain get ya down...summer's coming. :)

Our farm is located at 40622 - 196th Ave SE, Enumclaw at the old Thunder Mountain Nursery.